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Let us introduce you to the world of the Ancient Greeks through archeological promenades and guided tours to the most magnificent historical sites in the city of Athens, the Greek mainland, and on the magical islands of Mykonos and Chios! Our tours are dynamic in the sense that they can be adjusted upon your request to fulfill your customized needs and preferences!

Please find below the highlights of Athens and select one or more sites to create and book your own fascinating, private guided tour and discover the glorious history of the Greek capital, the cradle of the western civilization. We offer walking guided tours in the historical center of Athens as well as driving guided day tours and excursions to destinations outside Athens.

Book your tours for Mykonos or Delos and discover the gems of Cyclades! Book a tour for Chios, the gracious Captains' island of the Aegean!
We are a group of professional certified tour guides that share the same vision - to introduce and promote Greek culture and tourism to our esteemed visitors. Contact us to arrange your exclusive tour and have a memorable experience in Greece!

Most popular toursCreate your exclusive tour of Athens

Acropolis and the New Museum of the Acropolis

Combining a visit to the Acropolis and the New Acropolis Museum will allow visitors to appreciate the true grandeur of the Acropolis' magnificent architectural wonders and visualize its structure in its original form, especially the Parthenon, as part of its famous frieze and sculpted decoration is exhibited in the Museum.

*Duration: 4 to 5 hours

Acropolis, Dionysos Theatre and Ancient Agora

Walk around the places where the Ancient Athenians performed their most important activities such as theatrical plays, business transactions, philosophical conversations, political debates, worshipping of their gods, is the best way to fully comprehend the society that set the foundations of the Western Civilization.

*Duration: 4 to 5 hours

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Guided driving tours outside Athens

After many years of experience, we have selected the best professional drivers. We work with them to offer luxury tours in safety and in comfort. Book a day tour to:
- Cape Sounion, Sancturary of god Poseidon
- Delphi, the navel of the world
- Corinth, where Saint Paul established the first Christian Church
- Mycenae, House of Agamemnon
- Epidaurus, best preserved Ancient Theatre