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Who we are and what we do

  • Konstantia Parapoura

    Island of Chios
    mail: d.parapoura@gmail.com

    I was born and raised in Thessaloniki where I also completed my studies in Tour Guides State College and in Spanish language and culture.
    I have been a certified licensed tour guide since 2003 when I moved in Athens and I have given tours in the most important sites all over the country. After spending a few years in Athens I finally settled in Chios, a beautiful island of the Aegean sea, famous for its landscapes, its beaches, its history and of course for the mastic which only grows here.

    It will be a joy for me to show you around and share with you the history of the island.

  • Amaryllis Grypari

    Island of Mykonos and Delos
    mail: grypari_amar@yahoo.gr

    I was born and raised on the Greek island of Mykonos. My mother is English and my father is Greek so I have been brought up bilingual.

    I have been a certified licensed tour guide since 2003 and I am passionate about anything to do with history, culture and working with people. It gives me great pleasure to convey to clients, of all nationalities, the vast wealth of history, culture, mythology and spirituality that Greece has to offer...There is no greater satisfaction than to know that they will return home, enriched and touched forever by this country's unique treasures.

  • Eleni Dapola

    Athens and trips outside Athens
    mail: elenidapola@gmail.com.

    I was born and raised in Athens by a French mother and a Greek father. I have studied journalism and my love for history and archaeology led me to continue my studies in Tour Guide State College. I am a certified licenced Tour Guide since 2003 and I am experienced both in private tours of Athens as also in multiday trips accross the country. I give tours for the Bentley College, Pepperdine College and other schools from America.

    I am honoured to have the opportunity to initiate you into the mysteries of the ancient Greek culture and civilization.

GreeceCover means 'Discover Greece' through the eyes of local guides that are passionate about the legacy of their country.

Our aim is to communicate the ancient and modern Greek spirit with our guests through enjoyable and educational walking and driving tours that go beyond a simple sightseeing.

Dynamic (Greek word): characterized by continuous change, activity or progress and relating to energy or to objects in motion.

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